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About Course

Open to all levels and will improve your overall proficiency and fluency in Spanish that can be applied to any number of learning goals.


Class Description

The Online General Spanish Course is an excellent stand-alone course and/or for those who want to advance into the Online Professional Spanish Course. The Online General Spanish Course is open to all levels and will build your foundation for learning and can be applied to any number of learning goals (general communication, education, travel, culture, etc.).

Who this Course is for

This course is a great fit for those that want to improve their overall proficiency/fluency in Spanish that can be used in any number of situations and for those that do not have any current specific career-related communication needs in mind. This course is especially useful for but not limited to: travelers, expats, students, or anyone who would like to learn more about Costa Rican culture.

Class Details

Each class consists of one 50-minute lesson. Just like our in-class courses, classes will be conducted in Spanish and when appropriate incorporate worksheets and materials that we use in-class as well. All class times/days will be scheduled using the online class calendar that will be included in your payment receipt once your payment has been made. Current online class times are available Monday – Friday from 7am-5pm Mountain Time (MT or UTC/GMT -7) but additional hours outside of these hours may be available on needed basis.

Why us?

Our online classes utilize the same approach and curriculum as our in-class courses which focus on the Communicative Approach to language teaching. One of the main components to the Communicative Approach to language teaching emphasizes authentic and meaningful interaction between speakers, just how native speakers use it. To achieve this, we utilize a combination of conversation and grammar (when needed) during lessons. Classes are held 100% online and are taught by our in-house instructors who hold university degrees and have over 50 years of combined teaching experience to ensure professional and engaging online language classes.


The class duration is 50 minutes. There is a maximum of 1 participant/student per class. Students have a maximum of 60 days to use purchased classes.

  • 5 Classes: $125
  • 10 Classes: $230
  • 15 Classes: $315
  • 20 Classes: $380

Ready to Apply?

  1. Begin by submitting a reservation request, telling us you are interested in Online General Spanish, the amount of classes you’d like and your level of Spanish.
  2. Once you’ve submitted your reservation form, use our online scheduler to purchase the number of classes you’d like, and choose the dates and times of your lessons.
  3. Last, we ask that you complete a level placement test, to determine which class level you will learn the best in.


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    Target Audience

    • All levels of Spanish