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About Course

The sessions are available from Monday to Friday and are 1 hour and 40 minutes long. Classes have different cost depending on teacher:student ratio.


Who this Course is for

Drop-in Classes are private classes and ideal for those that do not have a full week to commit to studying but would still like to take a class or classes during their visit.

Class Details

Drop-in classes are 1:40 minutes in duration and only made available once we have scheduled our intensive course. Students may take up to 3 drop-in classes per week. Each Monday we email drop-in class availability for the week.

Why us?

At NSI we maintain an open and student-centered curriculum. Utilizing clearly defined goals; our instruction is adapted to the abilities, needs and interests of our students. NSI utilizes a modern and open approach to foreign language acquisition. From day one, advanced, intermediate or beginner students will benefit from total immersion into the Spanish language. Certain courses offered can be counted towards college credits.

Important Notes

Please note we are unable to guarantee specific time slots due to the fluctuating number of students and please also note that drop-in classes may not be available some weeks depending on enrollment in our intensive course.


Teacher: Student Ratio 1:1 1:2 1:3
Number of Classes TOTAL cost per session***
1 $55 $75 $85
2 $95 $125 $135
3 $140 $165 $175

*Each session is 1:40h.
**Restrictions apply.
***Price listed is a total price, students will share cost. (ex: for one 1:3 costing $80, will be divided and works out to $26/student).

Ready to Apply?

  1. Begin by submitting a reservation request, telling us you are interested in Drop-in Private Classes, and your level of Spanish.
  2. After we have contacted you and confirmed your classes and dates, we will ask you to make a deposit to hold your spot in our class.
  3. Last, we ask that you complete a level placement test, to determine which class level you will learn the best in.

Target Audience

  • All levels of Spanish